Vinarte 52 in Naples


Being open since 2014, in the heart of Naples, in the same rooms that once hosted an antiques trade shop, Vinarte 52 in Naples keeps among its furniture some antiques. Not only because the owner is the same of before. Throughout the classical nature of the furniture of the past, the bar expresses its vocation for the big brands with red, whites, sparkles wine which are always of an extremely high quality, coming from the most famous Italian wine cellars.

Two souls

The two souls, passion for the wine and for the antiques, and an unmistakable style. Vinarte 52 welcomes its clients in an extraordinarily home-alike environment, warm, which has to be fully tasted. Embraced by an atmosphere of other times, you will find yourself surrounded by objects spreading memories, shelves full of local products, exquisite cold cuts, cheeses, cakes of excellent preparation. All this accompanied by great vines both local and form the national territory. Great brands served to the correct temperature and presented by the owner with great reverence, describing the characteristic of taste and scent, the provenience and the vines. A bar that was born to offer a welcoming place where to spend a night with your friend, accompanied by simple but delicious food.

From the happy hour to the after dinner

A wine bar where you can also taste cheese, cold cuts, sidings, bruschetta, cocktails, drinks and beer. A welcoming environment, completely dedicated to making the clients feel at ease and cuddles for a happy hour, or an enjoyable after dinner accompanied by good music and a good wine.

High quality products

The proposals of appetizers are a continuous contamination. At Vinarte 52, Campania encounters Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Tuscany, Lombardy, Sicily and Sardinia. The bar always has new proposals, about ten, among sparkles, whites and reds from the whole Italy, cold cuts and cheeses of Protected Origins. The seats available are about forty. The proposal is constantly evolving and consists in other than a thousand of wine, beer and spirit brands and a wide range of cheeses and cold cuts which are all bought directly and without any intermediation from the artisans producing them. To rely directly to the producers for Vinarte 52 is a fundamental aspect, because the knowledge of the correct persons grants quality and healthiness of the products, more than any biologic certification.

Louge bar

Perfect place where to stop to taste an excellent happy hour with your friends, in an extremely pleasant context and in a reserved and welcoming environment, Vinarte 52 in Naples is the lounge bar solution perfect for tasting excellent specialties prepared at the moment and to sip a drink prepared by a qualified staff, always keeping up with the times.

Special nights

To finish, Vinarte 52 organizes music nights and themed nights where discrete jazz musicians’ jam sessions (even other musical genres) and encounters with wine producers alternate.