Cheese and cold cuts from all italy

During the tasting of the selection of wines offered by Vinarte 52 or the happy hour with friends, the client can taste cheeses and cold cuts both from Campania and outside, always strictly Italian and of an extremely high quality. From the sheep chees of raw milk, naturally made from the sheep milk, but worked when cold and not pasteurized, up to the cold cuts of Cinta Senese and Grigio del Casentino, Vinarte 52 allows you to discover extraordinary masterpieces of the Made in Italy, true artworks, born from the tradition.
For its clients, Vinarte 52 creates a soft corner surrounded by antiques with a tasty plate of cheese, bread and cold cuts, so that you can taste in the best way possible the wines from the menu. A guided tasting with white, red and sparkle wines in fact, can’t miss out some selected cheese from the Irpinia zone: from the Caciocavallo, the Provolone del Monaco (Slow Food stronghold), the sheep cheese of Carmasciano and the Bagnolese one, but also the cold cuts from Irpinia, the Soppressata, the Coppa, the Bacon from Campania. The Napoli Salami (lightly smoked), and the Pietraroja ham (it is also a Slow Food stronghold). Also the menu of the cheese and cold cuts coming from the rest of Italy is rich and gourmet, first of all the cold cuts from Emilia. A deliciousness for everyone, which never stops to enchant and conquer the guests of Vinarte 52.

First quality cold cuts

Culatello, raw ham of Parma, Coppa Piancentina, thick or fine paste salami, Strolghino (salami made with trims of Culatello), bacon lard, Mortadella, bacon, cooked Spalla (ancient specialty from Parma, coming from the pig’s shoulder blade), Zibello Culatello (16 and 18 months), Ciccioli (the waste of the pigs, fried in the lard and then pressed) and many more. Accompanied by artisanal sauces, such as the pressed lard, filled-up chili, red sauce with carrots and peppers, green sauce with parsley and many more.


The cheese tasting in Naples does not ends with the spun paste ones: in this field the Mozzarella di Bufal surely is the leading product. Vinarte 52 offers cheese coming directly form the Italian artisanal producers: Parmigiano Reggiano (22/26 months), Pecorino Toscano, Spicy Provolone, Taleggio, Gorgonzola served with marmalade, honey and nuts in characteristic containers. They are perfect to accompany red sparkle wines such as the Gutturnio, Lambrusco, Bonarda Secca and Amabile, Fortana, Barbera, but also whites such as the Ortrugo and the Malvasia.

How to taste the cheeses

In the classic wheel of the cheeses there are a couple of fresh goat cheeses, a couple of cow cheeses and sheep cheese (more aged ones) and a final one with herbs. In total about half a dozen of cheeses. The cheese wheel may though be staged basing on the classification of the paste: one of two cheeses with raw paste, a couple with cooked paste and eventually with spun paste, following the increasing of the aromatic and scents intensity. But it is also possible to start with the soft paste, then the semi-hard and eventually the hard ones. Another alternative is to follow more specific ways with a plate of cheese of only one kind of milk (goat, sheep or cow), of the same aging (fresh, semi-aged, aged) or with the same kind of paste (raw, cooked or spun), of the same region of the same particular area of producing. The cheese tasting in Naples in a vertical way means to choose a cheese and to taste it following the different aging (for instance a Parmigiano Reggiano of 18, 24, 36 months up to even 6 years of aging). In the cheese wheel the youngest cheese is located in the middle. Then the other pieces in the place of the hours (on a clock) following the aging and ending with the most mature products. The herbal ones are always the last for their peculiar structure and spiciness.